Women’s Ministry (W.R.A.P)

This ministry is open to Women of all ages. The purpose of the ministry is to Restore, Affirm, and give Praise to God for his love, mercy, and grace. Restoration is an essential part of the process of building a strong foundation in faith; affirmation is the commitment required to maintain a spiritual relationship with God; and praise is an acknowledgement, through verbal and non-verbal expression, that Jesus is our lord and savior. The women’s ministry intends to support women in building and enhancing their relationship with the holy trinity (God the father, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit) through the application of Christian principles. By using our spiritual gifts, we will create opportunities for spiritual and personal growth and strengthen our relationships with one another in the church and in our community.


  • CFBC’s Women Activities
  • Girl Scouts & Brownie Ministry
  • Girl’s Rites of Passage
  • HBCU Scholarship

Servant Leader: Minister Lisa Evans
Deacon Servant Leader: Loretta Hicks