MITS_2016The ministries of Christian Faith Baptist Church are driven by a desire to give solid biblical direction for life. We live in a world where decisions have to be made in the midst of sometimes confusing alternatives. The Bible serve as our compass, giving us the clarity and direction we need when we find ourselves at difficult crossroads.

We hope you find a place to grow and to serve along this wonderful journey we walk by faith.


Family Support Ministry

This ministry supports a holistic approach to traditional and non-traditional families as a unit. We seek to encourage, enhance, and equip the family in spiritual, social, recreational, and health matters in support of the family unit and individual wholeness. [Read More…]

Women’s Ministry (W.R.A.P)wrap-logo2

This ministry is open to Women of all ages. The purpose of the ministry is to Restore, Affirm, and give Praise to God for his love, mercy, and grace. Restoration is an essential part of the process of building a strong foundation in faith; affirmation is the commitment required to maintain a spiritual relationship with god; [Read More…]

Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry provides an atmosphere for spiritual transformation through learning that will lead to positive change individually, inter-generationally, cross-culturally and inter-ministerial. [Read More…]

Missions Ministry

As a missional church, we are called to respond not only to spiritual needs, but also to the physical and social needs of our community. Just as Jesus the Christ came to this world to serve rather than be served, we are called to serve others through generosity and advocacy. [Read More…]

Worship & Arts Ministry

worship_arts-logo_v3The worship and arts music ministry serves to lead the congregation and community into the presence of god under the guidance of the Holy Spirit through the incorporation of music, drama, dance, and instruments. [Read More…]

The Kinsmen (H.I.M.)logo_v21

This ministry is open to men of all ages. The purpose of this ministry is to encourage male participation in church activities and helps to involve men in church outreach efforts. The Men’s Ministry works to create avenues for fellowship, community service, knowledge, mentoring, and personal growth.[Read More…]

Wisdom Warriors & Senior Care Ministry

This ministry reaches out to Christian Faith Baptist Church disciples in a way that specifically reflects the Kingdom of God.  It is a three-component ministry that is designed to meet specific needs among our senior disciples. [Read More…]

Young Adult and College Ministry

CREW is the ministry at Christian Faith Baptist Church that equips young adults to proclaim, communicate, and show the purpose, power, teachings, and principles of God. TRUTH is the college ministry at Christian Faith Baptist Church that provides current, relevant, and life-changing ministry for college students. [Read More…]